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"Browsing the case to see what new goodies you have for us.  We love the grillers, but the pork tenderloin stuffed with pepper jack cheese, wrapped with bacon is to die for!"

"For Father's Day we bought a ton of ribeyes and I came close to eating myself sick.  They were so good I couldn't stop!  The texture of your steaks is incredible."

"The first time I ever tasted Ozark Grillers!  I was hooked from that moment on..."

"Kenrick's wrapped up a pound of landjaeger for my husband.  He was in Afghanistan and Iraq for a few years, so he really enjoyed it.  The workers never complained or fussed when asked to vacuum pack those bits of meat.  He loved those boxes I sent.  We still go back and get that landjaeger."

"I am a new-bee to Kenrick's.  I was amazed by the selection and wished you guys were closer to me.  Love my first experience.  Loved the food - the homemade potato chips, the landjaeger, delicious sandwiches and steaks.... I will keep coming back for sure!"

"My husband informed me we were having company over and I called Kenrick's to see if they had any crown pork roast.  They didn't but they said they would make me up one and it was made and waiting for me when I arrived."

"Walking back to the meat counter and being greeted by name and a smile - it was just like being on the old program Cheers!"

"Sneaking away some of the roast beef au just before my daughter's graduation party so I'd have a 'leftover' sandwich after the party.  Smart thinking, it's always the first to go."

"A co-worker prepared steaks for our division at work as a Christmas gift.  I must admit those Kenrick's steaks were the best gift I've received in years. We had to really plead with her before she would tell anyone where she purchased those mouth watering steaks.  When I found out I accessed your website and found out that you guys also provide catering for a luau.  Way to go Kenrick's - my family and I look forward to doing business with you.  You guys are great!"

"The first time I walked in I felt like I was home. Growing up my mom was a butcher in a place just like Kenrick's.  When I walked to the meat counter all the gentlemen were polite and eager to help.  The topper was giving my little girl a cookie.  I wish I had a camera.  It was like going back to great memories when I was a little girl.  Thank you for being you."

"My first visit there I thought there was so much to choose from.  There are no meat markets on this side of the river that compare to yours!  I asked the other shoppers that day, "what was good?"  Everyone had the same answer, "it's all good."  They weren't kidding!  I left with a Party Pack, filet mignon, meatloaf and the highly recommended seasoned baked potatoes!  It was all excellent.  I make a special trip just to load up on Kenrick's meats.  See you soon!"

"I was missing a favorite pork recipe that I used to find very commonly back home but is not served here in St. Louis, at least not by the same name.  After talking to one of your butchers, he recognized my favorite dish as a derivative what German's call Snitzel and told me how to recreate it.  Now I can cozy up with a piece of home cooking and memories anytime I want thanks to Kenrick's."

"The first moment I stepped in the doors.  I grew up in the country with small butchers that still somehow had a huge variety of things in their stores.  I always loved going and when I moved to St. Louis I thought my friendly butcher days were over.  I walked into Kenrick's one day and as soon as the smell hit me I got excited.  I'm constantly amazed at how much variety there is, no matter what I need be it pork brains, tuna steaks or some obscure cut of beef I didn't know existed until this morning, it's always there and with someone friendly to help me find it."

"My fiance brought me there for the first time this year and I was so amazed by the selection of products.... The Ozark Grillers were very good!  Ever since we haven't bought meat from anywhere else!"

"Going to Kenrick's with my grandfather and him ordering 'just a few things' and taking a ton of the deli clerks time.  Also asking a million questions, sometimes the same questions.  They sometimes tease him and he teases them.  He loves going there."

"A year ago my mother in law had her Achilles tendon operated on and was in a cast for Christmas.  My husband and I surprised the whole family with catered food from Kenrick's.  It was one of the best Christmases because no one was in the kitchen cooking."

"We always bring your stuffed cabbages to New Year's dinner.  This particular time we bought six packages.  As we were checking out, a man behind us told his wife to get a pack of stuffed cabbage, 'if they are buying that many it must be good.'"

"My favorite Kenrick's moment is always New Years.  The place is packed, everyone is smiling and just being happy, and chatting with the great gals at the checkout.  They saved me so many times telling me how to cook the different things I always try.  What's a single guy to do?"

"The first time I came in after my husband was killed.  The people that knew us from our Saturday morning shopping came out from behind the counters to hug me and that touched me more than they will ever know."

"The place was packed and the woman who rang me up still called for someone to come over and carry my bags for me.  I am six months pregnant and although I would never had asked for help - it was greatly appreciated.  Also - not to mention but the baby seems to crave the pre-made deli sandwiches there.  I have to get one once a week."

"I love the store.  The selection is awesome and I always know the meat is fresh.  I also like the frozen selection.  Many nights I've stopped on my way home from work to pick up dinner."

"Every moment in Kenrick's is a favorite of mine.  I travel 50 miles to purchase Kenrick's meat because it is simply the best around.  The friendly staff is always ready to accommodate me with my needs and happy to give tips on how to prepare the products.  If I had to come up with one possible favorite moment it would be on December 23, 2010 when I had ordered a Tur-Duc-En and came in to pick it up.  The place was absolutely packed, yet the staff was unphased and as friendly as ever.  By the way the Tur-Duc-En was a big hit among the ham traditionalist at my Christmas dinner."

"Trying the wonderfully flavorful Ozark beef and chicken bites while having a family cookout to celebrate the end of my brother's chemotherapy treatment - family, health, and great food is truly a wonderful combination."

"I enjoy coming into your shop, always super clean, super quality, super friendly, a favorite moment would be today when I was in line ordering a sandwich.  There were two service men in front of me.  A woman walked up to them and insisted on buying their lunch for the service they do, fantastic!  Walking into your shop is like walking back in time to an old fashioned meat market, best in town."

"For my 45th birthday my friends took me to the K-Cafe for lunch.  Being the deli hound that I am, I had something called the "Kenrick's Special."  Man!  Talk about good.  That and the bowl of chili were delights to my taste buds.  Not to mention how wonderful the staff treated us."

"Standing in line waiting to check out on 12/23.... I knew you had something good but didn't realize how good!"  Happy New Year!"

"I remember when I was little my mom always took me there.  Now I'm 55 and still enjoy coming in and wishing my mom was with me.  I feel she is - Thank you for a great memory that keeps on going."  God Bless You and your family."

"Ordering Kenrick's catering for out of town reviewers to show our friends from the east coast some mid west home style bbq."

"My son and I used to walk and ride bikes to the old Kenrick's.  From the time he was born, I would push him in the strollers.  Memories."

"I went to a tailgate party that they catered.  The brisket was to die for!!"

"Every night that we sit down to dinner with our 7 children is our favorite Kenrick's moment.  I am able to serve a great quality meat for dinner while knowing that the meat is safe for my family to eat because it has been handled with the utmost care and well packaged.  The fact that I'm saving money doing it is just a bonus.  Thanks, Kenrick's for always being a constant in our lives and allowing us peace of mind at family dinners."

"My husband and I brought all four of our children in and they went crazy... the older two could not believe the size of the steaks and the younger two wanted more cookies.  I'm sure all the workers couldn't wait for us to leave... haha!"

"The 2 lb. whole beef tenderloin I purchased to make my first ever Beef Wellington was perfectly trimmed and handed over with a smile.  And.... best of all, the results of my hard work paid off.  The Beef Wellington was a succulent success!"


"I just wanted to take the time to tell you all that our group really enjoyed our BBQ with you last Friday.  I've been getting comments on it all day yesterday and today.  Everyone loved the food and the variety.  I really enjoyed meeting a part of you, and if everyone else is as nice, you've got a great group of people!!  We'll definitely keep you in mind for our next function."
Tracy Ogle
Maverick Tube Corp.

"Thank you guys for being so easy to work with and helping us have a wonderful reception.  It was great!"
Kim & Dave Welton

"Thanks again for helping us make our St. Louis Luau extra special!  We have had a tremendous amount of compliments.  We really appreciate your hard work."
Jamie & Jason Bamvakais

Dear All at Kenricks,
"They say that a job well done is its own reward, but still, you should know how much your hard work means to us.  Thanks for the great meal and for all your support of the Family Center."

Sister Carol
The Family Center



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