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Kenrick's Pasta Menu features healthy servings of white and red pastas.


Our pastas are made fresh to order and come in an aluminum pan ready to be reheated in your oven.  Please allow 1/3 lb. serving per person if ordered as a side dish.  3/4 to 1 lb. if needed as an entree.

A St. Louis favorite of Rigati mostaccioli noodles in our special blend of red meat sauce, cheese and Italian spices.

Pasta Con Broccoli
Gnocchi noodle shells with broccoli and mushroom pieces in our delicious creamy white sauce.

Pasta Primavera
Bow tie noodles, green peas, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and pimentos in our delicious pink tomato cream sauce.

Fettuccini Alfredo
Fettuccini noodles with (or without) mushrooms and parmesan cheese in our delicious creamy white sauce.

Spaghetti in Red Meat Sauce
Spaghetti noodles in our special blend of red meat sauce.  Add meatballs for an additional charge.

Baked Ravioli
Plump and meaty raviolis baked in our special blend of red meat sauce, with cheese and spices and topped with cheese.

Beef Tortellini
Tortellini pasta filled with meat, covered with our special cream white sauce topped grated parmesan cheese.

Cheese Tortellini Piselli
Cheese tortellini with a cream sauce, peas, mushrooms and green onion.

Orechietta Pasta
In fennel cream sauce with salsiccia.

Farfalle Carbonara
Bowtie noodles with bacon and tomato in a cream sauce.

The Following Pastas Are Available in Serving Sizes Listed Only

Meat Lasagna
Layers of lasagna noodles, meat and cheese in our special blend of red meat sauce, cheese and spices.
Pan Serves 6-8

Vegetable Lasagna
Made with white sauce.
Pan Serves 6-8

Baked Canneloni or Manicotti
Baked in red sauce and topped with white sauce and shredded provel cheese, 18 to a pan.
Pan Serves 8-12


Italian Bread Loaf
Fresh Italian bread sliced into 2" pieces served with butter.

Italian Garlic Bread
24" Loaf with garlic spread wrapped in foil.

Italian Garlic Cheese Bread
24" Loaf with garlic and cheese wrapped in foil.

Bakery Dinner Rolls
Fresh bakery dinner rolls with butter.

Pull Apart Round Rye Bread with Dill Dip
A party favorite with both the host & the guests.  A large round 2 lb. loaf of freshly baked rye bread, hollowed out and filled with a creamy dill dip that is just perfect with the rye bread cubes.

Kenrick's Trio of Bread with Dip
Fresh chunks of Rye, French, and Pumpernickel Bread perfect for dipping.  Comes with Pesto Olive Oil and Dill Onion Dips>
Tray Serves 25.


No Italian meal is complete without a nice bottle of wine.  Kenrick's has a wide variety of white and red wines at a great price.


Please call for pricing.


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